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Southern Belle Inn

This weeks Business Spotlight is Southern Belle Inn 1757 S. 4th St. here in Nashville. Billy Ray Jones, Sandra Jones, and daughter Katherine Reeves are the owners. The business was established in 1994. Their phone number is 870-845-2353 and they are open S-M from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Their web-site is:

The motel has 62 rooms, a jacuzzi suite, pool, free wi-fi, continental breakfast, mini fridge, microwave, iron / ironing board, flat screen tv, new beds, coffee / coffee pot, clothing and jewelry boutique, laundry facilities, a guest office with computer and printer, ice and vending machines. They share a parking lot with Western Sizzlin Steak House. Both businesses were built at the same time.

When the motel was being constructed, a family arrived to rent a room. They were told that the motel was not completed. The family said, "do you have carpet on the floor", because that is all we need? The owners said yes, and they stayed on the 2nd floor as the work was being done to complete the motel. The owners knew at that moment that they had made the right decision to build the motel.

"Welcome to Southern Hospitality" is their motto and they strive to ensure that all guests are treated with dignity and respect.

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce's Business Spotlight of the week is the Southern Belle Inn. Serving our community with Southern Belle charm!!

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