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Rehab Specialists

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce salutes Rehab Specialists as the business spotlight of the week.

Andi and Hunter Greene do physical therapy, occupational therapy, and general fitness training. 50% of their business is doctor referrals. Andi has a doctorate in physical therapy and does treatments for the Scrapper football team. Hunter is the business and marketing operations manager of the business. They are located at number 22 S. Park Shopping Center and are open Monday through Friday 7:00 AM till 7:00 PM, open on Saturday from 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM.

They have a business and Hope also. They have six employees and will be moving to the formerly D & S auto body building on S. 4th St. by the end of November, where they will have a 5000 square foot building space. They are planning on installing an outdoor walking track. They are proud to have people drop in after their therapy has been completed to say “thanks” for helping me improve my health and fitness. Their overall goal is to make Nashville healthy and to make their customers feel welcome.

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce is proud to Spotlight “Rehab Specialist” as our business of the week...because they make us healthy again!!!

Rehab Specialists

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