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Merle Norman

This weeks Nashville Chamber of Commerce is Merle Norman studio located at 102 S. Main here in Nashville.

The owners are Armando & Susie Barrequin. They bought the store in 2011, but moved to this location in 2013. Their phone # is 870-845-3777. They are open Mon-Thur 9-5, Wed. 9-4, & Sat 9-12. They have 3 employees.

The building was built in 1894 & updated in 2003.

They started a children’s foster home in which it became a "Show" home for an example for other foster parents to follow.

Because of all the decorations that Susie had accumulated for 7 years, she decided to open a thrift shop in Dierks. The rest is history because she opened a decorations shop here in Nashville at Balton Square. She eventually bought the Merle Norman Studio at 102 S Main, where she is now located.

She wants to remind everyone that she carries a lot of unique items that separates her from other businesses. They try to give the ultimate service. They are the only cosmetic studio in Nashville, & always keeps her merchandise updated.

They are very greatful for their customers & have plenty of room for more. Thank you Nashville for your tremendous support!!

Merle Norman

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