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Howard County Children's Center

Ms. Liz Backus Bell started the center in 1971 with 12 clients. Currently they have 98 adults and 65 children. They teach clients occupational speech,special education, math, and reading skills. They also teach cooking, cleaning,and shopping skills. They have classes for all ages.

Rose Ray is the director of the center at 1577 Highway 371 W. Their phone number is 870-845-1211. They are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM till 3:30 p.m.

They have Group homes for men and women. Apartments and mini group homes.

The Center was established in 1971 on main street, then later moved to the current location. Three of the original 12 clients are still at the center. If not for the center, most clients would have nowhere to go with no social skills, cooking skills, or work skills.

They come together to celebrate happy things as well as sad times when they occur. The community gives overwhelmingly to the center and the clients give back to the community as well by being involved in local events, dining, and shopping.

The center covers free transportation from five counties. The Howard County Children's Center was Nashville's first satellite industry.

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce salutes as this weeks business spotlight...the Howard County Children's Center, where good is happening!

Howard County Children Center

Howard County Children Center

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