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Coca Cola Bottling Co.

This weeks Nashville Chamber of Commerce business Spotlight is Coca Cola Bottling Co. at 1301 S. 4th St. here in Nashville. They also distribute Dr. Pepper & 150 sku’s of Monster Energy drinks.

In 1911 Forest Wilson established the company. His son Raymon Wilson became became sales manager, & later became owner along with his wife Nelda. In 1988, Kenneth Wilson, their son, was elected to run the company. In 1988, Kenneth negotiated & signed a contract to acquire the Dr. Pepper franchise. In 1999, the Nashville Coca Cola Bottling Co. became the highest per capita bottler in the world.

This is one of only a handful of companies in Arkansas that is a 100+ year old companies still operating in Arkansas. In 2011 the company celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary in Nashville. In the 1920’s the famous gangsters Bonnie & Clyde Barrow robbed Forrest Wilson.

Have you had your "Coke" today? Better get one...they are so goooood!!!

Coca Cola Bottling Co.

Coca Cola Bottling Co.

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