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There is a wealth of things to see and do in and around Nashville!

A visit to the Nashville City Park will give you trails to walk, tennis courts and often a soccer or baseball game to observe. The little ones will enjoy the playground facilities and the concrete cast of a real dinosaur footprint! These footprints were found at a gypsum mine, 10 miles out of town. Visit Mark Dale, the park director for more information about the tracks and things to do in the park.

Nashville was home to the very first Dillard's Department Store. You can see the old building on Main Street where William Dillard began his business.

There are several plants that can arrange tours for your family. Husqvarna is a top maker of weed-eaters and chainsaws and Certainteed Gypsum offers a fascinating tour showing the making of wallboard.

The city is located just 17 miles from the Crater of Diamonds State Park.The only place in the world where you can hunt for and keep any diamonds you may find!

Also close by, is Historic Washington State Park. This lovely restored town was the Confederate capital of Arkansas. This 19th century town was home of the Bowie knife and offers tours of a large number of historic buildings. A short 20 minute drive down Highway 278 will take you to the heart of town.

A bit further down the road from Old Washington is Hope, boyhood home of President Bill Clinton. His home has been restored and is open for tours.

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