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Business Spotlight

Smith's Tax Service

This week's Nashville Chamber of Commerce business Spotlight is Smith’s Tax Service @ 200 S. Main St. here in Nashville.

Charles & Sue Smith started the business in their home in 1982. The building was once a Ford dealership, Arkla Gas Co. in 1970 until 2001, when the Smiths opened their business here at 200 S Main.

Tammy’s Davis & Kristi are certified tax specialists. They are open in tax season M-F...6a-9p. Regular hours are from 8:30a until 4:30p.

They do tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll services, & financial planning.

The business has been kept at this location to honor Juanita Smith. They are vested in the community and proud to be here in Nashville.

They thank the community for their support, & if they can be of service, call them at (870) 845-5075.

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce wishes them the very best.

Smith's Tax Service

Smith's Tax Service

Business Spotlight

Coca Cola Bottling Co.

This weeks Nashville Chamber of Commerce business Spotlight is Coca Cola Bottling Co. at 1301 S. 4th St. here in Nashville. They also distribute Dr. Pepper & 150 sku’s of Monster Energy drinks.

In 1911 Forest Wilson established the company. His son Raymon Wilson became became sales manager, & later became owner along with his wife Nelda. In 1988, Kenneth Wilson, their son, was elected to run the company. In 1988, Kenneth negotiated & signed a contract to acquire the Dr. Pepper franchise. In 1999, the Nashville Coca Cola Bottling Co. became the highest per capita bottler in the world.

This is one of only a handful of companies in Arkansas that is a 100+ year old companies still operating in Arkansas. In 2011 the company celebrated it’s 100 year anniversary in Nashville. In the 1920’s the famous gangsters Bonnie & Clyde Barrow robbed Forrest Wilson.

Have you had your "Coke" today? Better get one...they are so goooood!!!

Coca Cola Bottling Co.

Coca Cola Bottling Co.

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